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Road sweeper spark plug use process 7 taboo


Road sweeper spark plug use process 7 taboo

1, avoid long-term unclean carbon deposition. Road sweeper spark plugs in use, the electrode and skirt insulation will have a normal carbon deposition, if these carbon deposits will not be cleaned for a long time, will accumulate more and more, eventually leading to electrode leakage or even flashover. Therefore, the coke should be removed regularly. Do not clean it until the spark plug of the road sweeper is not working. Car road sweeper spark plugs in use in the seven taboos Blue Bird exhaust side road sweeper spark plugs do not spark the fault.

2, avoid long-term use. There are many types of spark plugs on road sweepers , but they all have their own economic life. If they are used after they exceed the economic life, they will be detrimental to the dynamic and economical performance of highway sweeper engines. Studies have shown that with the extension of the use of spark plugs in road sweeping vehicles, the center electrode end face will change to the arc shape, and the side electrode will change to the concave arc shape. This shape will increase the electrode gap and cause difficulty in discharge. Affects the normal operation of the engine.

3, bogey free descaling. Some people do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the spark plug surface of the road sweeper when spraying silver powder or other maintenance on the sweeper's engine, causing the road sweeper spark plug to leak due to the appearance of dirt. When cleaning the exterior, do not plan to use the sandpaper, metal sheets, etc. for convenient and quick descaling. Instead, the spark plug of the road sweeper should be immersed in gasoline and cleaned with a brush to ensure that the ceramic body of the spark plug of the road sweeper is not damaged.

4, bogey fire. In reality, some people often use fire to remove carbon deposits and oil from the electrode and skirt of spark plugs on road sweepers. This seemingly effective method is actually very harmful. Because of the fire, the temperature is difficult to control. It is easy to burn the skirt insulator, causing the spark plug of the garbage sweeper to leak, and the small cracks generated after the fire are often not easy to find, which causes great troubles for troubleshooting. The correct treatment method for coke deposits and oil stains on the road sweeper's spark plug is to clean it with special equipment, and it will have a good effect. Second, the solution is clean. Soak the spark plug of the road sweeper into alcohol or gasoline for a certain period of time. After the charcoal is softened, brush it with a brush to dry it.

5, avoid cold and heat regardless. In addition to different shapes and sizes, the road sweeper spark plugs are also classified into cold type, medium type, and hot type. Generally, high-compression ratio, high-speed engine should use cold type road sweeper spark plug; low-compression ratio, low-speed engine should use hot-type road sweeper spark plug, in between the middle of the road sweeper spark plug . In addition, spark plug selection for road sweepers for new or overhauled engines and older engines may vary according to actual conditions. For example, when the engine is relatively new, the use of road sweeper spark plugs should be hot; use of time the old engine due to performance degradation, sweeper spark plugs are prone to excessive carbon deposition and oil damage, the use of road sweeper spark plug should be The medium or cold type is preferred to improve the ability of road sweeper spark plugs to resist oil.

6, avoid misdiagnosis misdiagnosis. When replacing the spark plug of a new road sweeper or suspecting that there is something wrong with it, it is necessary to stop and turn off the spark plug of the road sweeper to observe the electrode color characteristics after the normal operation of the locomotive for a period of time. The following conditions may be observed: First, the center electrode is present The reddish-brown color, the side electrodes and the surrounding area are grayish, and it is suitable for the selection of spark plugs for road sweepers. Second, there is ablation or melting between the electrodes. The skirt and the insulator are in a burning state. This indicates that the spark plugs of the road sweeper are overheated. Third, there are black stripes between the electrodes and insulator skirt, indicating that the road sweeper spark plug has leaked. If the road sweeper spark plug is improperly sized or leaks, the appropriate road sweeper spark plug should be re-selected.

7, avoid installation too tight. The road sweeper spark plug must meet the specified torque when installed. When using a special tool to install, it will generally not exceed, but if the force is too large, too fierce or use a spanner to install, it will often damage the road cleaning car spark plug porcelain core or make the Screw slide, the expansion tank breaks and causes the road sweeper spark plug Scrapped; but it cannot be installed too loosely, otherwise it will cause the engine of the sweeper to work abnormally.

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